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Product: No More Dramas Face Oil

Problem it solved: fine lines and spots.

“I’ve been using the No More Dramas face oil for 6 monthsand I absolutely adore this product.  I use it morning and night

after cleansing.  It smells gorgeous and leaves my skin feeling so nourished and it looks much brighter.  It definitely keeps the ‘drama’ of fine lines and spots at bay oh it certainly lives up to its name!”

Maria – Devlin, Co Westmeath.

Queen Bee Naturals Face And Neck Oil
Queen bee Naturals Body Scrub

Product: Creamy Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

Problem it solved: left body feeling soft and smelling lovely.

“Creamy Coconut Sugar Body Scrub.  I would use this once a week.  It’s one of my favourite shower products.  A gentle scrub that not only leaves your body feeling super soft but smelling lovely.”

Maria – Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Ink Sential

Product: Ink Sential Tattoo Balm

Problem it solved: Flattened and reduced scar and removed itching.  

“I just wanted to give you my honest review on your Ink-Sential Tattoo Balm even though it’s nothing to do with tattoos.  Two years ago I had two surgeries within a very shorty space of time having a mole removed from my back.  I was left with a horrendous scar second time round, (very lumpy/red/itchy/sore, etc) which left me very paranoid about this ever being on show.  So I tried numerous creams and gels which people had recommended but my mum had read about your Ink-Sential and told me I should give it a go as she had seen it helped with scarring.  Within 1 month of using it I have noticed a huge change, my scar has started to flatten/go down in size, the red angry look is starting to disappear and also has not been itching or sore at all lately which is a big help as there’s nothing worse!  I am so pleased to have finally found a product that actually works.”

Jill – Eglish, Co Tyrone.


Product: Ink-Sential Tattoo Balm

Problem it solved: Used to soften skin and made tattoos ‘pop’.

“I started using Ink-Sential Tattoo Balm for healing my new tattoos and don’t use anything else so when I saw the new Ink-Sential Life Balm I had to try it.  I use it daily on my tattoos and if I’m honest all over my arms and legs too.  It smells amazing and makes my skin so soft, it makes my tattoos appear to ‘pop’ even more.  Love this Balm!”

Colette – Dungannon, Co Tyrone.

Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel

Product: Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel

Problem it solved: Removed dark circles under eyes and left them feeling less tired. Also worked well under makeup, no sticky residue as with other eye gels.

“I’ve been using the new Anti-Ageing Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel for a few weeks now and all I can say is…AMAZING!!!  My eyes don’t feel tired and dry anymore, I definitely notice that the dark circles have disappeared and overall I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel of it on my skin!  I use it morning and night and its great under makeup too which is an added bonus as other eye gels I have used in the past left a sticky residue on the skin the makeup clogged around it so this is definitely my new favourite product.  Thank you for making it.”

Samantha – Banbridge, Co Down

No More Dramas Face & Neck Oil

Product: No More Dramas Face & Neck Oil

Problem it solved: Skin looking better than it has in years. No greasy feel.

“I’ve been using the No More Dramas face & neck oil for several months now and love it.  I’ve used other oils in the past…some rather expensive ones I might add…but none of them compare to this.  It soaks into the skin nicely so you don’t feel greasy, it smells amazing and best of all its 100% natural.  My skin has never looked and felt this great in years and I am very grateful I discovered it.  Keep up the good work as you are truly very talented at what you do.”

Margaret – Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh

B Gentle Hair Wash hair food

Product: B Gentle Hair Wash & Super Hydrate Hair Food       

Problem it solved: Bad dandruff and dry ends

“Queen Bee Naturals has saved my hair!  I had quite bad dandruff and my hair was extremely dry towards the ends.  The Sulphate free B Gentle hair wash and the Super Hydrate Hair Food have really changed the condition and look of my hair.  Would recommend these products to everyone.”

Lucy – Portadown, Co Armagh

Bath Melt Queen Bee Naturals Soap

Product: Hand Soaps, Bath Melts & All-Over Baby Balm

Problem solved: Reduced cracked knuckles due to excessive hand washing. Left skin hydrated, used to treat eczema and cuts & grazes.

“I have ordered quite a few different products from Queen Bee Naturals and I am never disappointed.  The hand soaps have been amazing this year with all the extra handwashing and sanitising.  My cracked knuckles were glad of some TLC.  My go to items have to be the Bath Melts and the All-over Baby Balm.  I use them myself and on my 3 children.  The Bath Melts keep our skin nice and hydrated and feeling silky straight out of the bath and the baby balm is fantastic for eczema and the many little grazes that active children get.  The products do a great job and last ages.  I constantly recommend them to family and friends.”

Paula – Belfast.

Case Studies

Below are a selection of case studies provided by our customers who have kindly given their feedback on a selection of our products.

Product: The Queen Bee Naturals All-Over Baby Balm

Problem it solved: Skin irritation caused by chaffing from artificial limb.

“The Queen Bee Naturals All-over Baby Balm is Amazing!  My husband had a really bad accident back in 2001 and had below the knee amputation.  His artificial limb kept rubbing behind his knee.  Started using the All-over Baby Balm morning & night.  Real life changer for him!”

Amanda – Dromore, Co Down.


Product: All-Over Baby Balm

Problem it solved: Soothe eczema on baby’s face and bottom

“We have been using the All-over Baby Balm on our daughter since she was born and it’s an amazing all over product.  Its gentle enough to use on her face and her bottom and has been amazing at soothing her eczema.  It’s our go-to product after every bath and every nappy change.  Can’t recommend it enough.”

Ciara & David - Pebbles, Scotland.


Product: All-Over Baby-Balm

Problem it solved: Removed redness, dryness and itching caused by eczema after trying all sorts of creams and lotions.

“I had been referred to a dermatologist by my GP in the Spring of 2018 due to my eczema. I tried several creams and lotions including steroid based ones which I wasn’t exactly happy about using but nothing seemed to be working.  They might clear it up for a few weeks but before long it would come back again.  A local midwife told me about a company called Queen Bee Naturals and said they did a balm which was completely natural and came highly recommended so I decided to give it a try.  I have been amazed at the results and have never looked back.  I applied the balm maybe 4 or 5 times a day at the beginning but I could see a real improvement in my skin after about 1 week so I reduced it and now only apply it twice a day. My skin is now in great condition, no redness, no dryness and best of all no itch!!!  I love that’s it 100% natural as I know a lot of products contain nasty chemicals.  Thank you for making this super balm.”

Lorna – Lurgan, Co Armagh