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Queen Bee Naturals is and always has been very much an organic business (pardon the pun!!) right from the very beginning.

Back in 2006, I gave birth to my first daughter Tia and like many children, she developed infant eczema. As any new mother would, I visited my GP for advice, and, not understanding much about eczema or how to treat it, I proceeded to use the products I was prescribed – steroid creams. Yes, it initially cleared up the patches of dry skin behind her knees and in the creases of her elbows but, within days of stopping the cream, the patches would re-appear.

Feeling none the wiser, I continued this cycle, until she naturally grew out of it which, with some children, is often the case.

However, for some time, perhaps even 2-3 years after the eczema had cleared, I would notice that when she was cold e.g. just out of the bath, the skin in those areas where the eczema had been was purple – thinned by the continual use the steroid creams.

Fast forward six years and my second daughter Brooke was born, and she too started to develop eczema patches.

Having experienced the side effect that these steroid creams had on my eldest’s skin; I was keen to try a natural alternative.

So it began. I started researching ingredients, causes of eczema etc. trying and testing different recipes using various oils & butters known for their emollient benefits on the skin.

Before long, I had developed something that was not only making a difference to my daughter’s eczema but was also vastly improving the condition of other people’s skin who were also struggling with chronic dry skin conditions. The All-over Baby Balm was born!

I recognised a real gap in the market for a natural product and in 2014 Queen Bee Naturals was officially founded.

From then, we have gone on to develop several other natural skincare products including many which have been recognised by National magazines such as The Green Parent and have gained accolades and awards…we won Best Mid Ulster Business in 2015.

I was one of 10 winners in 2016 of the Northern Ireland’s Most Inspiring Women with Business First.

The All-over Baby Balm has itself won 3 awards to date and our Organic Face Oil ‘No More Dramas’ won GOLD this year in the Best Natural Facial Oil in The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards.

We are a family run business and are extremely proud of our achievements to date. I personally love the fact that my business is helping so many people – from new born babies to Grannys and Grandads.

We will continue to provide our customers with high quality products using ethnically sourced ingredients and will be a brand that you can believe in and have faith in.

Our Products:

Made with carefully selected natural ingredients and infused with love and a passion to improve the overall condition of your skin.

Our Principles:

· Made for sensitive skin

· Ethically sourced natural ingredients

· Suitable for all ages

· Simple and uncomplicated

Nourish Skin Naturally

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