Eczmea/Sensitve Skn Trial Pack

As a parent of kids who suffered from eczema I understand how difficult and costly it can be to find the right products to help soothe and calm sensitive skin.  At Queen Bee Naturals we pride our selves on producing natural products which offer relief and hydration to dry, itchy and inflamed skin - not just for children but for the whole family.

While our products have been recommended by doctors, dermatologists and midwives we understand that everyone's skin is different and so we have put together this trial size pack to allow you to sample the products and make sure they are suitable for your skin or that of your children.

This pack contains 10ml of our Award Winning All-over Baby Balm which is 100% natural, can be applied from head to toe and is suitable to use from birth.  This amazing balm not only deeply hydrates dry skin but can also be used to calm nappy rash, dribble rash and even helps clear cradle cap. Free from colourants, fragrance and artificial ingredients.

You also have 50ml of the B Gentle Hair and Body Wash which is sulphate and paraben free meaning that it doesn't contain any harsh, drying or dangerous chemical ingredients.  B Gentle can be used to wash hair and body and is formulated specifically for dry, itchy skin and scalps and again can be used by the whole family.

Also in the pack you have 4 cubes of Bath Melt - add one cube to a shallow baby/child bath or 2 cubes to a deep adult bath. The cubes melt to create a deeply hydrating oil layer on the water.  This layer then coats the skin on exiting the bath and replaces the hydration lost while bathing. It leaves skin silky soft and often eliminates any redness or tightening of the skin which is common on sensitive skin types after bathing.

All these products can be bought in full sizes from the Eczema section of our website

Eczema/Sensitive Skin Trail Pack

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