This fantastic all-natural healing salve is jam packed with healing ingredients and essential oils. Can help heal anything from new tattoos, cuts and scraps from doing the garden to bites, stings and everything in between!

The ideal balm to have in your first aid kit!


Avocado oil - Rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, D and E can cause the skin to be suppler, and are particularly good for dry or aged skin. Avocado oil is deeply absorbed by the skin.
Olive oil - Olive oil's antioxidants - vitamins A and E can help repair skin damage
Cocoa Butter - Great for dry, dehydrated, or winter-dried skin, helps retain moisture, super rich.
Our Tiny Bees Beeswax - Forms a protective layer on the skin.

WEIRD essential oil blend:
British Lavender oil
- The scent has a calming effect, which aids relaxation and the reduction of anxiety and stress, naturally antibacterial.
Bergamot Oil:
Certain components of the essential oil of Bergamot are antibiotic and disinfectant as well as being antidepressant and stimulating in nature.
Tea Tree:
The world over, this oil is used with great effectiveness to ward of infections of any kind, and it is active in all three varieties of infectious organisms - bacteria, fungi and viruses.
Spearmint Oil: Can protect wounds from infection and even help them heal faster.

Weird Balm

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